Products and Services

  • Group Health/Medical Insurance
  • Self-Funding (Large Groups Only)
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Flexible Savings Acct. (FSA)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Disability (Short Term and Long Term)
  • Life and Supplemental Life
  • Voluntary Benefits (Aflac, TransAmerica)
  • Cobra Administration
*These products are constantly changing in the marketplace. Therefore, in an effort to keep you informed on the most current information on these types of products, feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have. Contact us with any questions!
Services Offered
At PIB, we offer a wide variety of services. These services are listed below.  For a full explanation of these services, please Contact us.
  • Process of year round employee enrollments and terminations
  • COBRA Administration
  • Claims Support
  • Administrative and Human Resource Support
  • Employee Benefits Summary
  • Employee Deduction Worksheet
  • Plan Comparisons and Cost Analysis
  • Conduct Detailed Enrollment Meetings
  • Resolve Problems and Become a Partnership
  • Monitor Experience
  • Communicate Benefit, Funding, and Legislative Changes
  • Maintain Effective Working Relationship
  • Commitment to Honesty and Integrity


  1. Proof, process and submit all employee applications for mid-year enrollments and terminations for all respective carriers.
  2. Monitor COBRA administration reports and activate timely enrollment or termination for respective carriers.
  3. Conduct separate, one-on-one employee enrollment meetings once per quarter if requested.
  4. Personally handle the following with a 24 to 48 hour response time – the goal being to relieve HR of much of the employee benefits burden:
  • Assist all employee claims that were incorrectly processed with concise explanation from a dedicated claims liaison
  • Perform administrative and Human Resources support – name and address changes, general benefit questions and any other employee needs
  • Prepare a 1-page Benefit Summary for employees to easily access for a description of all their current benefits
  • Prepare a 1-page Deduction Worksheet for employees and Accounting to reference for Employee payroll deductions


  1. Review and analyze your current group insurance program. Make recommendations,
  2. Based on the initial evaluation, for improving your current program, to include:
  • Obtain better benefits and/or services for your budgeted premium dollar
  • More effective use of cost containment opportunities, such as wellness programs
  • Reduce the time and expense associated with administering your program
  • Increase the effectiveness and awareness of the program being offered to your employees
  • Obtain the best possible value for your money

3. If it is agreed to make changes and/or seek alternatives to your current program, competitive bids will be obtained, reviewed, compared and then recommendations

4. Will be made to assist in selecting the carrier and/or administrator best qualified to underwrite and service your plan.

5. After decisions and selections are made, work with the client to assure implementation and ease of transition.

6. We advise and conduct 1 hr and 30 minute mandatory employee enrollment meetings to accomplish employee satisfaction and understanding of new plans that
may be introduced.


1. Act on your behalf resolving problems and dealing with the carrier and/or administrator to assure efficient claims processing and general administration of your plan.

2. Monitor experience of the program and your net cost position in order to identify specific actions which may be necessary to maintain a sound, cost effective plan.

3. Keep you informed of changes in the benefit marketplace, current funding techniques, and in the legislative arena that may affect your plan.

4. Maintain a close, effective working relationship with you and your employees regarding all aspects of your employee benefit program.

5. These consulting services are provided to you and your company at no additional cost, along with our commitment to honesty and integrity.

Today more than ever, you need more than just an insurance agent!